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Established in 1965 as a steel works company at Vigodarzere near Padua, Elbi has always distinguished itself for the large variety of products and its international vocation. The company has been operating for about 50 years in the field of thermo-hydraulics, gradually achieving a solid reputation and standing in the major world markets.
Elbi has established a widespread sales network which covers the Italian territory, and production facilities located both in Italy and overseas.

The history

Originally established as a producer of hot water cylinders and central-heating boilers, after about a decade of activity in this field the company dedicated its efforts to the production of tanks for the thermohydraulics industry.

In the mid 70’s Elbi began producing surge tanks and diaphragm expansion tanks, becoming one of the major European manufacturers in the field of Thermohydraulics.

In 1981, having overgrown the capacity of the Vigodarzere facility, the company moved to its present headquarters in Limena, thus expanding its production capacity.

In 1989 the company branched off into a new line of products, processing plastic materials and manufacturing rotational-moulded polyethylene tanks.

In 1990 Elbi of America, Inc. was founded in Houston, Texas. Initially the new company concentrated on simple marketing/sales activities, learning about the culture and mentality of the vast and complex American continent.

In 1994 the Green System sales division was established to manufacture and market pots for plants and flowers made of rotational-moulded polyethylene. Thus the company entered the new market of gardening, which enabled it to expand its know-how both in the technological and marketing fields.

Firmly established in the American market, in 1996 Elbi of America became the official manufacturing headquarters for the “D” series fixed-diaphragm tanks, thus bringing production closer to the target market.

The company’s third sales division, Environment, was established in 1997 to design and produce containers and bells for selective collection of waste, and to market a wide range of accessories for urban hygiene and decor.

In 2001 a new production facility was opened at Modugno (BA), mainly dedicated to the manufacture of products made of rotational-moulded polyethylene.

Elbi’s activity in the Environmental Services started in 2006 and are mainly focused as preventive maintenance which is performed by special purpose local units where only qualified personnel and adequate equipment are employed. Each site holds an adequate stock of spares and components, thus ensuring that all repairs can be made within 24 hours from detection.

In 2006 Elbi also starts the Playground Division becoming the Italian distributor of a range of playground equipment for parks and schools offering a range for children within 18 months through 16 years of age.

The company’s third sales division, Environment, was established in 1997 to design and produce containers and bells for selective collection of waste, and to market a wide range of accessories for urban hygiene and decor.

In 2008 Elbi also enters the Well-being market with fitness equipment becoming the Italian distributor of a range of an innovative “well-being track” formed by several sporting gears that facilitate the open-air physical exercise in adults and elderly people.

During 2008 a new business unit consisting of design products for the furniture market takes shape. The need to manage a new brand dedicated to such target brings to a restyling of the traditional Green System Division, thus giving like to the TWENTYFIRST Division, distinguished in GARDENART for the traditional collection of garden pots, and LIVINGART for the collection of furnishing accessories for the living market.

Today the ELBI product range represents one of the most comprehensive offerings on the thermo-hydraulic market: Hot water cylinders (Glasslined and stainless steel, Heat accumulators, tank-in-tank buffers), Expansion tanks for heating, Multifunctional tanks for heating / hot water, Tanks for solar systems, Bladder autoclaves for sanitary water, polyethylene tanks for underground and above ground, Cold water tanks (galvanized / glasslined) and ASME tanks.

01/17/2012 Zincatura Polesana

Elbi ha sviluppato una linea di prodotti dedicati al contenimento ed al trattamento di depurazione delle acque reflue, ovvero le acque provenienti da scarichi urbani ed industriali, nel rispetto delle specifiche normative vigenti in materia.